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How do I find the correct cover to suit my boat

Included in the packaging is the sizes and instructions for fitting.

Are the Covers Waterproof

They are manufactured being Waterproof but as they get used more frequently may need reproofing from time to time. To ensure longevity the covers must be fitted as per instructions and maintaining tight for better water run-off. Taken regular care of will give you good service

Do the covers mark the boats exterior

All our covers when fitted correctly will not interfere with the exterior of the boat and wont cause any chaffing.

Are all the fittings and accessories required to fit the cover included or are they an extra cost.

All necessary fittings and accessories are supplied with the covers to give a snug fit

Are there Covers to fit my outboard

Yes , we have a cover that fits the Cowling only or a cover that fits over the whole Outboard with accessories to make a secure fit

Do the Covers have reinforcing over possible wear spots

Yes on al wear points on a regular boat not including any accessories that you might have added but all windscreens, bow , corners of the stern etc are protected from extra wear.

is there a warranty included for boat covers.

yes they come with a manufacturers warranty against faulty workmanship and certain types of fabric are included. The warranty is voided if there has been certain neglect or used when towing where manufacturer has stated otherwise. All details of the warranty are included in the packaging.

Can the covers be left on for towing

Under no circumstances should the covers remain on the boat if proceeding to tow. The warranty expressed by the manufacturer becomes void unless stated otherwise.

Are there different size covers available for all Outboards

yes we have sizes that fit Outboards from 2HP to 300HP. New sizes are being produced on a regular basis to keep up with manufacturers trends.

Do Boat covers cover the whole hull

They mostly fit down to the Gunall of any boat. Approx 400mm depending on the Hull type.

Do the Boat covers allow for Bow Rails

yes the covers do allow for fitment of bowrails on Cabin Boats, Runabouts and Hard tops.

if I require more information about covers or any queries I might have, who do I contact.

Give us a call (06 8588676) and we will be only to happy to answer any questions you might have.